Harvey sighed, it was not a good day. He needed sun, where was it, he wondered. He wanted to try his new experiment, but he needed sunshine. He glanced at his blue watch

Mom had bought  him for Christmas. Only eight more minutes until the school bus came. he doubted the sun would shine by then.

Mrs. Howser would be upset with him again, Harvey had no project to show, again. He jammed his hands awkwardly into his gray dress pants and moaned. He didn’t know what to do.

Just then, around the corner came MaryLou Johnson on her red, scratched up old bike.  “Harvey, don’t be late, where’s your silly project.” The breeze created by her long red hair as

she raced past him smelled of pizza. Ugh, he said.

Oddly enough, it smelled just like the piece of cold pizza he had in his lunch bag. Harvey loved cold pizza, Mom said he could take it for lunch. Harvey felt sick, he ripped open the bag, but he was too late, just as he was about to fire the pizza……..